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I want to fly where are my wings BOOK

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I want to Fly where are my Wings - The motivational book for students, startups and entrepreneurs.
I want to Fly, where are my Wings


Where are your wings? Yes. I am asking you. We all have wings, but those are in our mind. Here wings means EFFORTS, ENERGY and COURAGE and KNOWLEDGE which helps you to grow, to achieve or to fulfill your wishes or life goal.

“Everybody flies in her life like a bird. Some flies at SMALL height, some little at MORE heights, some are flying near SKY. Some are trying to fly BEYOND the sky. Beyond the sky. Wow!”

You want to fly, want to free yourself from something that restrict you, something that don’t allow you to grow. You have to develop greater COURAGE to do that.

“It is all in your mind, the RESTRICTIONS and you have stopped trying it.”

Who will define “your” success. You or your neighbor? Who knows “your” vision better which can bring change in many lives. You or somebody? You may find answers to these kind of questions in my book. I want to fly, where are my wings This is motivational book which tells how you can be free from something which your mind has created. You have become SLAVE of your mind and you think you don’t have WINGS. Just Fly! This book is for those : – who want to START something new. – who are STUCK somewhere and need motivation. – who want to know the REAL WORLD situations. – who want to know how SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs THINK. – who want CHANGE in their life. – who have PASSION but don’t know what to do. This motivational book is for students, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

where Share is like Love

WHERE SHARE IS LIKE LOVE (Published: 2017)

FACEBOOK is remaining its name to META. Recent news of Facebook renaming to META, the whole world is talking about it. Meta denotes CHANGE, transformation, permutation, and experts say – it means BEYOND and NEXT LEVEL. The company believes the metaverse will be the next evolution in the way we use the internet.

The Metaverse is another Universe where people would have more Digital LIFE than Physical, this seems to be impossible and unbelievable. 

My second book was on Facebook “Where #SHARE is like Love”. The book speaks about this changing world to be a Virtual World.

Experts say, Metaverse is not a virtual place, it is the TIME, a moment. It is a moment in time where AI (Artificial Intelligence). The moment when Artificial Intelligence > is greater than Human Intelligence. Digital Life is worth more to us than our physical life.

In my book, this book says – SELFIE is a Mirror. You want to look better in the selfie than in real life 🙂 Remember all those filters that excite you to look better. Your identity in social media will be more important. 

That moment is META and the universe is changing to METAverse. Be Ready!

How Facebook can change your life? Why 1 Billion Users sit all the time on Facebook?

Learn about the CHANGE of behaviour of user. It was a time when you can live alone on the earth, but now it is a time when you cannot. The world is connected and life is complex. New technologies help you to make relationships with others. It is about Humans and no one else. Sharing with others help you to bring like-minded close to you. The Facebook has been changing the lives of billion. You share happiness and it comes back to you. You share your inner wishes and your best wishes comes true.

This book is about behavior of users on Social Media, particularly Facebook. The book is a fast read and you can’t stop yourself changing your mindset towards some of the routine Facebook experiences. Selfie, tagging, making like-minded friends, chatting are just to name a few. Every chapter will leave you smiling the way the author walks you through these Facebook features with a pinch of humor.


This book will show you how you can win opportunities on Facebook, get recognition and go far with people. It will reveal how Facebook is beyond gossips. Social networks are not about you. It is about all of us together. It is about getting social. The book also talks about Artificial Intelligence, robots and how Fb is changing lives of billion.

Social Media is changing lives of billion. Its up to users how they can take advantage of Social Media. Social Network is beyond gossips. It’s about all of us to collaborate.


Facebook is using algorithm Artificial Intelligence to understand people who are staying on regular basis on Fb. It extracts all data (keeping privacy) to improve their life by connecting to like-minded people.

How its tagging is helping for collaboration and doing project together. I have written a book on users behaviour and how it can be used for success. Never forget, over billion are using it daily and there is a mission.

STARTUP NEVER FAILS (Published: 2020)

Link to Buy at Amazon : https://www.amazon.in/Startup-Never-Fails-Collection-Questions-ebook/dp/B083WDF8ZW/

A collections of commonly asked Questions asked by Startups and Entrepreneurs to The Author in the LIVE and other Social Media.


What do most startup founders waste their time doing?

I have a Startup Idea, how do I proceed?

Which is better to do? Either do a job or start up a business with Same Knowledge?

Why do 95% of businesses fail within five years?

What are the correct things you did for your startup that made your startup successful?

What do you want to be? A Businessman or An Entrepreneur. What’s the difference?

What situations should a person be ready to face while starting a startup?

What are the best ways to generate good business Ideas?

9..10..11…. 20 … more common questions replied by the author. Read eBOOK Now!

DESCRIPTION : 90% of startups get failed. Have you ever wonder why startup get fails? The Author believes that if entrepreneurs do not do those common mistakes, startup would not fail, it never fails.

Have you ever wonder why startup get fails? Do you want to get answers to all those common questions which come into your mind? It will be more useful if you get answers from senior entrepreneur like Rakesh Sidana who gone through all start-up life with his two startups.

ASKrakeshSIDANA is popular hashtag used by the Author to share his real experience with each answer. The Author has organized events by the same title – Startup Never Fails – and Fb LIVE on social media to help entrepreneurs and mentoring them.

The questions are regarding funding, investors, startups and entrepreneurs failure and success and many more. Have you ever wonder why startup get fails? Do you want to get answers to all those common questions which come into you mind? It will be more useful if you get answers from senior entrepreneur like Rakesh Sidana who gone through all start-up life. He built two start-ups, one funded twice. He himself gone through same journey to find the answers himself like finding co-founder, team mate and raising funding and hiring and pivoting business model and merger, acquisition.Learn from his entrepreneurial journey building from scratch to raise funds and exit. He explained his real startup experiences in this book. He is mentor and investor into startups and visit top management institutions with his passion to inspire students and who wants to be entrepreneurs. Download FREE eBook. Click here