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Make Your Startup Profitable. Let Investors chase you, says Rakesh Sidana (Funding Meet at IITD)

Rakesh Sidana was invited by EDC India to speak to startups and budding investors. The session was organized at Indian Society of Technical Education in IIT-Delhi campus. The main topics for the session were : how to take funding, why startups fail and what is difference between Equity and Debt Funding. Rakesh Sidana has become …

Rakesh Sidana at Convocation event
Entrepreneurship Innovation

Entrepreneurship is a language of Innovation РRakesh Sidana

Entrepreneurship is a language of¬†Innovation – according to Harvard Business Review. There was a survey in which respondents talk about innovative ideas in the absence of quantitative market or company data. With only their informal observations and INTUITIONS. Scientists believe that entrepreneurship is the informal language of the way people THINK about New Ideas without …