Rakesh Sidana in a repair workshop : Picture take by The Economic Times Team in 2012

Convert your problems to a Solution, then build a Startup to solve for others

Startup born out of solving your problems. If you are happy-go-lucky and are satisfied with your life, you never be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs keep finding solutions to their problems and when they know others having the same problem, they build the startup.

Nothing is better than getting satisfaction by solving others problem

says Rakesh Sidana

I had a problem with my last job, I was not contributing to the organization at large even though I had many skills, and my paycheck was small while my expenses were growing, I was not experiencing freedom to earn from my great web skills. I left my first job in 2004 and launched web-consulting and I was solving problems of over 200 clients with their web development by outsourcing.

I had a problem finding a mechanic nearby, so I launched a firm that let me search and find the best mechanic for their car. That became India’s first aggregator platform for car garages and I became popular as “MeriCAR wala”. I exited in 2015 and over 100 startups were inspired by my business model. The Business Model was awarded at IIMA as The Power of Ideas.

Pic: The Power of Idea : Award Ceremony with mentor Hon.

During lockdown, everybody was worried about their job and didn’t know how to earn while working from home. I realized youth unemployment and they needed someone a leader who can guide them on what to do with their career in an uncertain environment. I ran an ad on social media and launched an entrepreneurship program. We made the presence of the company in 34 cities with a network of 55 entrepreneurs to crack sales of 6 crore ($0.8M) in 6 months.

The outcome was the power of youth entrepreneurship in India.

Every entrepreneur had earned a great amount of commission from the same program.

In 2022, I realized digitization in India has gone next level, currently, 46.3% of the Indian population is using the Internet and 1.05 billion accessed the Internet using smartphones. I checked again, who is an Indian brand which is solving Indian mechanics problems by helping them to digitize their billing and day-to-day operations, just a few but not focused ones 🙂

I launched 3rd startup — Meri Garage — which is a SAAS-based app to make their operations digital including their spare parts inventory. We just completed 2 years this month in June 2024. Currently, this is a bootstrapped startup with 1000+ garage downloads and I have a full-time cofounder to run this. My webinars and social media ads reached over 3 lac views and I became an influencer in this unorganized mechanic market 🙂

“Nothing is better than getting satisfaction by solving others problem”

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