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Rakesh Sidana at Startup Mahakumbh IndiaFirst Road Show in Delhi
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Be Ready!! Startup Mahakumbh by AICRA

Be Ready!!! Startup ka Mahakumbh 2024. IndiaFirst Startups Conclave.Happening in June 28th-29th-30th at Delhi. Asia’s biggest event with participation from 50 countries. ConferenceRoundtablesExhibitionAwards I am privileged to be a part of Startup Mahakumbh 2024 Team. We are collaborating, inviting startups across 50 countries. I met representatives from other countries at the road show in Delhi. …

Startup Success

Doing research, building a team and having a mentor – Mantra of Successful Startup- says Rakesh Sidana at It’s That Easy Podcast

Rakesh Sidana is talking about entrepreneurship journey and what his 3rd startup Meri Garage is doing. He adviced to young founders who are facing difficulty in running the startups and planning to shut down because of lack of funding support. Talking about Meri Garage, he says : Meri Garage isn’t just transforming the nuts and …

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Make Your Startup Profitable. Let Investors chase you, says Rakesh Sidana (Funding Meet at IITD)

Rakesh Sidana was invited by EDC India to speak to startups and budding investors. The session was organized at Indian Society of Technical Education in IIT-Delhi campus. The main topics for the session were : how to take funding, why startups fail and what is difference between Equity and Debt Funding. Rakesh Sidana has become …