Dinesh Agarwal with Rakesh Sidana at TiE Delhi Event

Rakesh Sidana met Dinesh Agarwal at TiEcon Delhi. The annual event for startups and investors. Mr. Dinesh Agarwal is founder of IndiaMart. He talks about India while discussing with Rakesh Sidana at the event.

“India doesn’t need motivation, it’s enough here, India needs to know “how to do” to make it next level as already seen heights with unicornsĀ and IPOs,” said Mr. Dinesh Agarwal (Founder IndiaMart) while talking to him at TiE Delhi.

Mr. Agarwal is visionary. He launched IndiaMart in early days of “internet” in India.

In the Linkedin post, Rakesh Sidana explains about his experience working with him closely at IndiaMart. He was a part of an early team of web developers at IndiaMart in 1999. Mr. Dinesh Agarwal is his ex-boss and mentor of his first career job.


PS: He also invests into technology startups and plays a great role in New Bharat. #tiecon2024