India and Bootstrapping Startups

You can run the startup “bootstrapped” way.

Here are three things very much possible by using resources.

1. Scale the business without hiring people.

I built an “entrepreneurs community” twice in my career, once for my startup in 2015 and the second time for others in 2020. In both times, I scaled the business into 30+ cities with around 50+ Youth Entrepreneurs working with me. The first time, it was aggregation with 5000+ clients, the second time it was revenue of 6 Cr in 6 months with a permanent team size of 2 (only two).

2. Earn the royalties of your established brand.

I believe that scaling business through Franchise is very much possible in India. Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities are on the lookout for new brands.

There are 2,00,000 franchise outlets, 50% Regional, 34% national, and 16% global brands.

People love #brands.

My first experiment was with someone as a Franchise Consultant for “car washing” and the second time, it was for Spare Parts. Franchise businesses are still in the middle stage as the success rate is still as low as 20%-30% and scaling issues if there is no process defined and lack of implementation of technology.

3. Cheapest Technology Development.

The investor will never believe me that technology is the cheapest because most of the startups take investments by showing 40-50% tech usage ($million) 😀 I am a coder myself. You can get any code developed in India. There are estimates of over 3 Lac #freelancers (if you include moonlighters, the number is very high). When I started freelancing, I was amongst the top coders in 1 lac freelancers in 2006, and now times have changed. With the inclusion of NO-CODE applications, ChatGPT provides you with a source of code.

Build in India.
Use Resources better.
Increase Commission-based #Jobs.
Franchise Your Brand.