IIM-A : The Power of Ideas Team

Success is just another name as “persistence”. Here is what happened in my life…

(1) In 2011, If I couldn’t send a “Best Wishes SMS” to someone…
…..I could never find my 2nd investor.

I had saved someone’s number in my contact list from TiE Delhi-NCR event and I used to send “best wishes” messages at every festival to my entire contact list. One Lucky, day, my sms reached him and he clicked my website mentioned in the SMS. He replied “wow! great stuff, let’s meet sometime”. I met him the next day in a 5-star hotel and he became my investor. It’s all just because I made a habit of being in touch with everybody from my contact list. Keep important numbers saved 🙂

(2) In 2010, If I couldn’t reply to 10 questions asked by someone….
…..my 1st investor never got noticed my company.

My last startup was unique and popular in the media, but still, no one was interested for many reasons. Scrapping emails of investors and sending them emails was my regular task apart from my daily hustle of struggling startups. One day, I was reading someone’s interview on YourStory Media about a new venture fund with an email. I copied the email and sent an email and went for dinner after sending the mail. I saw after some time, there was a reply with 10 questions to reply. I replied again. After that, he came to meet me in Gurgaon and I told him, no one is funding why you are interested. Later he invited me to Mumbai and he was my first investor. Someone is made for you 🙂 Keep faith!

(3) In 2009, If I couldn’t apply for the 2nd time after failing the 1st attempt for Entrepreneurship Program…
….. I could never be landed at IIM Ahmedabad

The Economic Times-Power Of Ideas was a popular startup business plan contest and I applied in 2008 and was out in the second round (even though it ranked in 250 startups in the second list) and I applied again in 2009. I used to apply to all startup contests to make visibility. Second time, I was selected and it was a great privilege to participate sponsored Entrepreneurship Program at IIM-A.

Passion and Persistence is the key to hashtag#success.

Never Stop
Never Give Up