Startup Never Fails Event

Startup Never Fails or Startup Always Fails 🙂 A Mission – #SideHustle (old pic 2018)

Let’s find out from my side hustle….

In 2016, I started “Startup Never Fails” – a campaign, an event to let every entrepreneur know the “reality” of startups and their common mistakes.

In 2017-2018, that campaign reached Bangalore, Mumbai, and other parts of the country. I visited 50+ Management and Technology Institutions as a Guest of Honour Speaker with the same campaign and Startup Never Fails (SNF) became an Online Course on Udemy with over 1363 students downloaded rating 4.4 (download it for free with coupon code HAPPYDIWALI2023 😉

In 2019, I shifted to Bangalore and I used to spend every Sunday at CCD mentoring entrepreneurs, understanding their problems, and giving them solutions. .I was admin of StartupTalky community with 1,00,000+ members. I used to write Q&A for members every day at 9:30pm around 2 months to engage that community and then later I compiled all Q&A into a Book. Now “Startup Never Fails” is a book on Amazon. Now I take this book as a gift for students wherever I get invited (ping me for a copy 🙂

In 2020, during lockdown, “Startup Never Fails” was an online session. Every week, founders have to present before investors and entrepreneurs online to get some feedback on their pitch deck. We had over 250 entrepreneurs attended online every Saturday Evening.

From, an event….to a book, to a course to a community and
now what next????

In 2024.. SNF will be…

*A Funding Support*

This will be UNWRAPPED next year (2024), as I am partnering with some firms as a Venture Partner and co-partner for Financial firms. JOIN ME!!!

India has become 3rd largest startup ecosystem. The mission is self-explainatory 🙂 “Startup Should Never Fail”. Support every single Early-Stage Startup and founder.

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