ET Wealth - Rakesh Sidana

Wealth is Value Creation, that is compounding itself with TIME to create big value, that you can satisfy by your efforts to convert into unbelievable Money.

The ET Wealth article was published in 2012 when he found a new way of generating new business for repair centers and also was able to sustain my business regularly. He was building a digital platform for 5000 garages in India.

In 2008, there was an upward trend in buying used cars. Currently, It’s big business in India. He had a choice of earning money from taking commission by selling Used Cars, new cars…

….but He chose to support unorganized aftermarket automotive mechanic shops

In 2009, He was on a TV show (StartingUP) and there was advice from investor on my pitch on the TV, he suggested “Founder (me) should take a step BACK, there is no market of this category”…

…but he took a step FORWARD >>> to create New Category of digital platform for garages. The car services and repairs market is expected to reach $25 billion by 2030 from $8 billion in 2020.