3 Life Lessons by Rakesh Sidana on 50yrs

I shifted to New Delhi from a small town in 1995 and I have seen India from No-Internet to the UPI era now. Found myself chasing new technologies, writing codes, database connections and making websites and apps. I worked for disrupting technology companies and launched my own companies when I thought I need to serve more.


2008, thought of changing India with my 2nd startup
for the automotive aftermarket industry. That was the time, I thought, I needed to learn how to do business with India, did more groundwork and understood the unorganized repairing sector in depth. For the sake of generating revenue, my team followed popular classified business which failed and later realized that can not work for this repair industry. We pivoted the model that became UNIQUE and we got awards for India’s first innovative platform for repair centers and garages.


Building Business from scratch to scale. Chasing investors for funding a unique business and keeping “unbalance” between running the business and team and raising funds with a single founder. The people and organizations and management institutions supported a lot. I got awards for business plan.

The passion and persistence to keep running the
startup for 7 years before the exit in 2015, when suddenly every new startup copied the same idea and raised funds on a similar business model and seemed like “I missed the train”. But later realized, that was the right decision when I saw them hardly becoming successful as the time for those ideas didn’t come and everybody was experimenting. For me, it was the time to study more, so started working with past-competitors.

I survived from health issues in 2019 when I was hospitalized and company arranged the health insurance and came out successful.

After again 7 years of entrepreneurial gap, I launched a new 3rd startup at 49 years of age to make Victor Hugo’s statement true –>

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”

During the entire journey, the people around has played a
a greater role in making me successful and I never stop trusting people even though I had been betrayed, ditched, taken for granted, made me feel useless by someone. I still feel, the success mantra is finding the right people who can understand you, keep finding and make a “filter” to avoid some.