NIT Rourkela - Guest Speaker - Rakesh Sidana

In 2016, one day, as usual, I looked at my mobile very early in the morning. There was a message from a Non-Friend and I clicked on the cross (X) by mistake while reading it and it disappeared. FB shows messages with Cross (X) who are not your friend (privacy feature) they can only chat with you if you tick on ACCEPT. Since I denied the message, it disappeared.

The name of the sender was not easy to recall for me, something like ….France and Lakra.. it seemed I was still not awake properly. To retrieve the message, I had to recall the sender’s name… I got up from the bed to freshen myself and tried again recalling and searching all the keywords that came into my mind… and finally got it…it was Aman Francis Lakra, a brilliant student and a part of the event organizer team at National Institute of Technology Rourkela

FB showed me that I had to ACCEPT him to see his message. I did it and I had an INVITATION for a Guest Lecture – I said “Yes, I will come”

This invitation was for a Guest Lecture at a Great Event (InnoVision) that happens every year at National Institute of Technology Rourkela (NIT Rourkela)

As I landed on the large campus, I was interviewed by Student PR guys from (Monday Morning – The Official Student Media Body of NIT Rourkela ) who asked me questions that I couldn’t imagine they had researched on my past activities and achievements and I was addressing over 3000 students in a big hall to start the event.

After the event, I brought students into my company to work with us on innovative projects and mentor them.

PS: This picture is one of the pillars spread across all over the NIT campus, as I was the #KeynoteSpeaker “.