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Rakesh Sidana at Convocation event
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Entrepreneurship is a language of Innovation – Rakesh Sidana

Entrepreneurship is a language of Innovation – according to Harvard Business Review. There was a survey in which respondents talk about innovative ideas in the absence of quantitative market or company data. With only their informal observations and INTUITIONS. Scientists believe that entrepreneurship is the informal language of the way people THINK about New Ideas without …

Rakesh Sidana at Amity Unversity
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Manufacturing Innovation are easy words but huge cost says Rakesh Sidana at Amity University

NOIDA (SEPT 2023): The Amit University organized 5th International Conference ICEIL 2023 and hosted 20+ industry leaders across 5 tracks of panel discussion on engineering excellence in civil engineering manufacturing electrical engineering communication industry 5 computer science engineering information technology and 1 workshop on next gen technological innovation spread over 2 days!!! Rakesh Sidana was a part of the panel of discussion on “Disruptive Technology in Manufacturing Industry“. He discussed …